Dragon Colours And Meanings

Dragons and the accompanying colours have different meanings in Eastern mythology. These are the common colours:

  • Yellow is superior, imperial, a symbol of the centre of the Earth, linked to the spleen and stomach. A yellow dragon robe was reserved for the Emperor (the Son of Heaven) and his family alone.
  • Gold coloured dragons are also special. They have special attributes such as wealth, wisdom, kindness and the ability to face challenges head on.
  • Blue and Green are symbols of the East, the chief spirits of the spring. The blues are pure azure. Green represents good fortune, good health, or luck.
  • Red is associated with storms, the South, Summer, the heart and large intestine, fire, passion, activity, and good fortune.
  • Black is associated with storms, the North, winter, vengeance, and worry.
  • White represents the West, autumn, mourning, and death. This is different from the association of the colour white with purity.
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